a walk through 2011

Hello sweet readers.
i am surprised that there are any of you left.
thank you for hanging in there with me. 

i have just been in a place of 'blah' lately. 
not sure what to write about, not having the time to write, the list could go on. i feel like i have yet to find my voice in blogging. does that make sense? do you ever feel that way? 

anyways, i wanted to do a little recap of what i blogged about this year. i love the new year. NYE is easily one of my top 3 holidays. { i like the firework holidays - NYE, 4th of july, & valentines day...} i really like starting fresh, and using it at a time to get organized and make goals. i dont really make resolutions, because i am no good at keeping them. (although i did a pretty okay job on my list from last year.)but i do like making goals. this year i am working on a 25 by 25 list {which i'll be sharing sometime next week} instead of a 'new years list'. having a list keeps me accountable. 

i have so much that i want to blog about - so much life to catch up on. i have countless photo's from maggie's first birthday {as well as a letter to her i want to share}, our 80's dance party to celebrate our birthdays, i have a post i want to write about Christmas & an 13 month post about our little girl {who is nearing 14 months now...} i have lots to catch up on & i am hoping that i can do that in the next few weeks. will you stay with me?

to be honest, 2011 has been the hardest year i have had. there has been so many hardships that we have walked through and i am really looking forward to a new start. i am really looking forward to all the things that Jesus has planned for this family in 2012. here is a quick look back at our year.

in january i really started getting serious about blogging as a hobby. i started to enjoy it a lot more and felt like it was a great creative outlet. i also learned some really beautiful lessons in being a mama that i am so thankful for. i joined the link up and devoted myself to 31 days of blogging, called 'project 31' - 31 days of blogging about what real beauty is. it really helped me to blog more regularly and to really reach some deeper parts of my heart and helped me to gain perspective on who i am.

febuary is one of my favorite months. this febuary was hard. it was not sweet and fancy like i envisioned. i did write a little bit about my favorite holiday, but what i mostly wrote about was my struggles with a screaming baby and a low milk supply - and i wrote a sweet letter to my friend and a letter to my sweet girl.

in march we discovered what was making our lady scream so much, i shared a recipe for our favorite soup, a sweet post about being married for 2 years, about my first day back at work. and i shared some really special photos of 4 generations. 

april was a busy month. i wrote about going through a storm, about how my sweet husband got a new job, and about wanting to start some family traditions. i also shared a bit of our Easter with you as well as my pretty new blog design & celebrated the new blog design with my very first giveaway.

may was one of my favorite months. i blogged about the royal marriage, my husband surprised me and posted a sweet blog for me on mothers day, i was able to quit my job at starbucks, maggie pearl turned six months old and became a fighter, i wrote about my fears of going on a womens retreat, and what i learned on that retreat.  

in june this little blog was added to faithblogs, i did a recap on our wonderful weekend trip to portland, i told you all how perfect i am, about trials, and about becoming planted.

july i wrote about getting to watch my one of my bff's give birth & how that changed my view of mamahood. 
i started the story of how i met my husband, and celebrated knowing him for 3 whole years. july was also the month we stopped sleeping.

maggie saw her reflection for the first time in august. i got real and talked about what had really been going on with me all year - postpartum depression. i shared more about who i am, and about one of my worst days as a mama

i camped out in proverbs 31 for a while in september. and i posted a recipe that we love, and some that maggie loves, as well as watched my baby girl turn 10 months old

in october i posted a video of our little lemonhead. i heard from the LORD about resting, and we took our eleven month old to the farm.

i posted all about pumpkins & halloween costumes in november. we celebrated our 3 year anniversary of our engagement, took a walk down memory lane, talked about being thankful, had a wake up call and celebrated our daughter turning ONE

decemeber is the month that i neglected this blog. i wrote about celebrating my sweet wonderful husband man, a post about our church and why i love it, and about my new love of glitter

as i mentioned, this year was full of hard times, growth, redemption and a whole lot of blessings. thanks for coming along on this crazy ride with me. 

reflecting back on this makes me praise Jesus, because i can see so much fruit and growth from earlier this year to where my heart is now. He is so good. 

happy new year, friends! 

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  1. sounds like your 2011 was full of memories and fun adventures!

    Hope your 2012 brings you many more!!


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