i cant catch a break today.

this day has gone like this: 

6:50am - maggie wakes up, crying

6:55am- give maggie a bottle {the last of the formula} to try to fall back asleep

7:04am- maggie starts crying, go in to see whats wrong - she has figured out how to unscrew bottle and dumped whole thing in her bed

7:10am- found some formula in diaper bag. make another bottle. she doesnt fall back asleep, but lets me lay in bed to pray for 20 mins.

7:30am- get up and make pancakes while baby is whining in living room

7:30-7:40am - making pancakes, while listening to whiny baby and loading the dishwasher.

7:45am- feed maggie her first pancake. with a little bit of butter. keeps her busy and happy for 25 mins

8:10am- thew in load of laundry, remade formula soaked baby bed, getting ready for nap time.

8:20am- trying to get baby down for a nap. she decided screaming is more fun

8:45am- remember that i have some formula in my car, decide to look for my key to go get it and make the cranky baby a bottle.

9:00am - still looking for car key...baby still crying. 

9:15am- remember that my husband used my car key yesterday. call his work and ask if he knows where car key is. he doesnt.

9:30am- found key under a pile of clothes in our bedroom, that must be clean. thank you Jesus.

9:33am- run outside and get formula out of car. come back in. make bottle, get baby to finally fall asleep on couch. spend time praying and laughing because Jesus wouldnt want this crazy morning to steal my joy. text a few friends, catch up on some blogs, spend more time in prayer, decide to go to target and trader joes as soon as little lady wakes up. 

10:45am- got ready to go, dressed baby & while getting her toys put in bag realize i lost my keys. again.

10:45am-11:30am- frantically looking for keys. looking everywhere. baby screaming, this mama crying, calling my husband in tears, can not find keys anywhere. looked everywhere a thousand times.

11:30am- 12:30pm- lots of tears, yelling and crying out to Jesus for help because my baby wont stop crying, i cant find my car keys, i have things to do. i feel overwhelmed. lay on floor with crying baby and cried while praying to Jesus.

12:39pm- text from a sweet friend, who told me i should expect today to not go as planned, and to expect to be tired and expect to put all my expectations of what i wanted today to look like on hold. 

12:40pm-2pm- sat on couch and at pasta and more pancakes with the little girl. she finally let me look in her mouth, i spot 2 teeth cutting. awesome.

2:15pm- baby girl asleep in her bed. i am struggling to find car keys, still.

2:25pm - realized that the keys are probably in my car. put a status about a locksmith on facebook & found out that a friend has AAA and is going to come later today to see if they can open the car and i can see if my keys are in there. {lets pray that they are..}

3:00pm- baby girl still sleeping, thankfully. i am writing this, and wishing i was able to take a nap.

3:22pm- maggie is awake, i am about to go get her. this day has been too long and too hard. cant wait for husband to get here in an hour & then i am hopefully going to run errands alone, and come back to a found car key. then we are going to a potluck with some people from church.

3:23pm- just looked in monitor, baby girl fell back asleep. thank you Jesus. going to get off of this computer and spend time with the LORD, because i really need it. 


  1. Wow! This is a crazy mornign reading this at work, wanting to cry for you!! Glad you were strong in your walk!! Keep it going missy!!

  2. Ugh hate the days that turn out like this, but how much sweeter the bad days make the good ones...or even just the okay ones! WE're all in this together momma!:)

  3. How do yoy spend time with the lures? I am struggling so much with that these days.

  4. a day in the life of a mom :)
    I think its pretty cool how God brought you to your knees through all of this. Where I would often flip out and do everything BUT pray, its cool to see when HE gives us grace to overcome these hard days.


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