{if you were sitting on my couch, this is what i would say...}


just popping by to say a quick hello before heading out to community group. i am really excited because i didnt go last week due to my migraines & so it will be great to see all the ladies again!  i'm just praying my little lady will be just as happy to be there as i am. 

speaking of my little lady, last week at the doctor he told us to start giving her basically the same foods that we are eating. so far she loves everything! maggie pearl has yet to meet a food that she doesnt like. right now, she is loving cheese {feta is her favorite} and mangos and the glorious cheerio. its fun to watch her try different things and watch her eat them with satisfaction. 

we are still waiting for our sweet friend to have her little lady... i am anticipating the arrival of another bff for miss maggie. 

i finally settled on a name for my etsy shop. now i am just trying to get brave enough to actually do it. wanna pray for me about that? 

annnnd last but not least, today i had my first encounter with pumpkin spice at starbucks. it was heavenly. i am sad to say this, but i am really looking forward to fall.  


  1. Love that picture of Maggie! What a cutie pie.
    I'm looking forward to fall, but fall with sun would be nice :)

  2. Oh goodness, Maggie is SUCH a cutie!

    I can't wait to see your shop - be sure to let us know when it's up & running. ;)

    And now I'm really ready for some Pumpkin Spice....

    P.S. Did my package make it to you?


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