a 3am wake up call

this morning we had a wake up call that we have not had in many months. 


maggie woke up at 3am.
nick went in and comforted her and rocked her for nearly
twenty minutes.
she went back to sleep.

he came back in and then she woke up.
it was my turn.
i went in and picked her up & sang to her.
she stopped.
sometimes a girl just needs her mama.

i sat there and rocked her and she would not fall asleep.
we sat and looked out at the moon and i prayed for her.
i told her about how last year this weekend she changed my life.
as tears rolled down my cheeks onto her light brown curls i told her all about how much she changed my life, how i spent an entire day in labor with her not knowing that she would be this special to me.

and then the LORD reminded me of the verse that has been on my heart and in the front of my mind since november 12,2010. 

i was reminded that when i was in labor, Christ gave me strength.
when i didnt know how we were going to take our baby home and not have any help, He gave me strength.
when my husband went back to work, He gave me strength.

when i had no idea how to nurse a baby, He gave me strength.
when i could no longer nurse that baby, and struggled with giving her a bottle, He gave me strength.

He gave me strength when i thought that i could never get out of the hole of depression i was in. 

He gave me strength when we didnt sleep and He was giving me strength to rock maggie to sleep at 3am. 

He would also give me strength to get through her first birthday. 
strength to learn how to take care of a toddler, not an infant.
strength to get me through everyday i have with this little girl.

i have never been more thankful for a 3am rockfest with my little lady. 
{i know what to put in my thankful jar today...}

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  1. I love your heart Ally. You express in your words what I feel in my heart. Children truly are a blessing from the Lord. Happy birthday Maggie! And happy birth-day Mama :)

    :) Rebecca


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