a thankful heart, is a happy heart.

earlier this year, i was inspired by my sweet friend, megan. she started a jar of blessings (you can read about it here)
i wanted so badly to follow with her and do it every single day, but i never did. so, i thought that we would do our own little twist on this great idea. i know this is not the first time that you have heard of this, but it has been so helpful in cultivating a heart of thankfulness instead of comparison or ungratefulness. {is that a word?!}

we started a thankful jar. 

each day for the month of november, nick and i are writing down something we are thankful for. my plan is to start doing this everyday for the whole year {give or take} and have them to read on thanksgiving. 

i have found already, that i spend more time thinking about what i am thankful for and less time wishing i had things that i dont. i am really excited about this jar and what it means for our family. i am really looking forward to reading these on thanksgiving day. 

we were using just plain old sticky notes to write on & then i found this awesome free printable 

 so i printed that cute little thing out and we write our thanks on something really darling. {which is something i am thankful for...}  

how do you guys keep track of things that you are thankful for?


  1. I usually try to keep things on my mind, in my prayers and in my journal that way I am constantly thankful. I also made a habit of thanking my husband for what I am thankful for. :)

    1. ooh, thanking your husband for what you are thankful for is a GOOD one & something i should do more often!


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