today there is sunshine.
a lot of beautiful sunshine.
last year on this exact day 
i wrote this.

today, as i sit here and watch my daughter
read books,
watch her walk around and talk to me
{in a way that only she can}
i fell so blessed.

so blessed to have carried that girl in my belly for 
nine whole months {plus 7 extra days}
so blessed that even though we have had the hardest year
of my whole life
we have felt God's grace poured out on our family.
so blessed to teach, love and nurture the sweetest little lady.
so blessed that her birth was not what i had planned, but that it 
was just what God had planned.
so blessed that we get to be the parents to the happiest little girl.

today there is sunshine.
lots of beautiful sunshine.
and i see it as a sweet gift from the LORD.
a sweet reminder of last year and the week that i waited for 
maggie, and all that i learned that week.

 last year i wrote those words for my daughter who i had not met yet.
and this year i am re posting those words for my daughter who i have had the pleasure to spend every single day with for the past year, because these words are so true of who she is.

maggie is full of sunshine.
she is my sweet sunshine.
maggie is nick's sunshine.
but most importantly i know she belongs to 
she is HIS sunshine.

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