today there is sunshine. 

a lot of beautiful sunshine. 
i think it would be a good day to meet my daughter. 
but only the LORD knows.
and i love that.

it's like a really fun secret or surprise that you are waiting for, 
on the edge of your seat-- excited and nervous all at the same time
and peaceful. 
i feel like my heart is going to be alright. it's going to be so worth it. 
i have waited a "long" time for this baby, so what if i have to wait a few more days.
ahh... the sweet feeling of trusting in the LORD. 

she will be full of sunshine.
she will be my sunshine.
she will be nick's sunshine.
and she will be HIS sunshine.

thank you Jesus for this day, no matter what the outcome. 
no matter if i see maggie or not.
doesnt even matter how she gets here, 
as long as she is safe.
thank you so much for the blessing
of a daughter, and a child.
and thank you, for the 
lovely, beautiful, golden 

xoxo- A
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  1. I loved this post. What a great outlook and attitude. Maggie is so blessed already to have such an awesome Mommy. Looking forward to hearing your news!


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