5 things that i would love right now...

1.  i would love to hold and kiss my baby, as soon as possible!  ( i think this photo is darling and something to be treasured. don't be surprised if i have my own photo like this-- soon!)

my dream.
2. these are perfect. the whole set is mismatched. if i would have seen this 2 years ago, they would have been on my wedding registry.  they are so lovely, i could scream. 

shoe clips.
3. i think these are the most fun! i want 30 pairs of shoe clips-- that way i can wear the same comfy ballet flats, or my best heels, and have them look different all the time! 

my favorite place.
4.  it had to be on this list. i always want to go to disneyland. always. every single day of my life. i just found out about what they are doing for the holidays-- snow falls on the castle, lights everywhere, you dont need to wear 16 layers of clothes to stay warm... this sounds perfect. some day we will spend Christmas in disneyland. or at least go during the holiday season. you have to check it out... its awesome

gingerbread latte
5. you can take the girl out of the coffee shop, but you cant take the coffee shop out of the girl. i love holiday at starbucks. almost everything about it. almost. and i really, really love gingerbread lattes-- with no sprinkles.  

so, there is my fun little list.
just a little something to help me pass the time until lady baby gets here. 


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  1. um... the shoes the coffee the delicious baby - love them all. Your list is awesome.


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