sunshine in november. vol.1

last week was a crazy week. it was full of sunshine. maybe not literal sunshine, but it was full of miss maggie! i have been so busy snuggling and loving on my sweet daughter that i have not had the chance to write. BUT i really want to get the whole birth story down before i forget. becuase right now, i forget alot of things. like paying for my groceries. (which is another story in itself...) 

on friday november 12, i went to the doctor. it was quite possibly the worst appointment i have ever been to. i was not treated very well, and no one gave me any information, except that i wasn't having a baby that day. or really anytime soon. i left feeling really upset and angry. but not about what you would think. i was not upset that my daughter was not coming, but i was upset about how i was treated. so my husband called the office and we were able to talk to a doctor who was amazing!! she was so sweet and so kind and gave us so much information. i was praising Jesus for this lady! since it was friday, it was our date night so we decided on pizza and a movie. while driving to the pizza place, we were talking and both said how even though that day was hard, we both felt joy. and joy is something we haven't really felt in a long time. like overflowing joy. it was awesome. and thats when it started. 
we got to the pizza place and it was closed. shut down. which was sad because it is the pizza place we went to on the day nick asked me to be his girlfriend. so i was a little sad about that and then it started. all of a sudden i felt really, really crampy. this went on the entire time that we were eating and watching a movie. it continued when we got home and i tossed and turned all night with these "weird annoying cramping pain" ( little did i know those were contractions) the whole night i barely slept and kept thinking about how i was going to go to some craft shows with my mama the next day. then around 4am nick woke up and asked if i was ok. i explained to him my cramping pain and he started timing them. at around 5:30 he suggested that we go to the hospital. and i said no. i didnt want to go and be sent home. i thought for sure that would happen.  i agreed when i got up to go to the bathroom and i could barely walk. we arrived at the hospital around 6:30 in the morning and they confirmed that i was indeed in labor.... 

to be continued, baby lips need kissing...


  1. I can't wait to hear the rest...don't keep us in suspense too long little Maggie girl :)

  2. I love it! "baby lips need kissing." You are glowing with Motherhood! Could not get over how great you looked on Sunday <3


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