the eighth of novemeber

three years ago a sweet shaggy haired, bearded man picked me up.
he brought flowers.
he took me out to breakfast.
he bought me coffee.
he took me shopping.
he bought me a dress.
he took me hiking.
he asked me a question.
he gave me a ring.
and i said,"yes."
he prayed with me.
he called me his fiance.
he took me out to dinner.
he took me home.
he updated his facebook status.
he changed my life.

i love the 8 of novemeber.
and i love that man.


and every year on this day (or a few days before)
to celebrate he takes me on a date and buys me a new dress.
i love this little tradition.
not just because i get a new dress,
but because it is something that my sweet husband decided to do.

i love this man & i feel so blessed to be his wife.


  1. Aw, that's so sweet! :) Nov. 8th was our one month wedding anniversary, so we went on a date. I think it's so cute that he buys you a new dress every year!


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