how i met my husband - part one.

three years ago today, i met the man who would become my husband.
the story starts a little before we first met. 
this is the first photo that i ever took of nick.

it was late june of 2008 & i had just been heartbroken over the ending of a deeply emotional relationship earlier that year. one of my sweet friends & her husband deeply cared about me & knew my desire to be married & wanted that for me as well. i was young, but felt very strongly a desire to be married. she soon started to tell me about this guy that was in their worship band. i was so not interested. like, really, really not interested. i later found out that they had been talking to him about me as well & he was not that keen on being set up either. i had plans, plans to apply to bible school, plans to travel, plans to do whatever the LORD wanted me to do. my list of things to accomplish was very long. 
she persisted and talked to me about how much he loved Jesus, how funny he was & how we would be perfect for each other. so one day i gave in. i remember sitting in a comfy chair at starbucks, just about to start my shift & we were talking & for some reason i let her send this man i had never met a photo of me. & he sent one back. suddenly everything felt awkward & i felt like a silly girl. i thought for sure that he would never be interested in me, because i was younger than he, & so unsure of who i was becoming. in true 'just out of highschool' fashion, i scoured her facebook for him. i had to know more about this guy who had a photograph of me. {something i learned later was after he received my photo, he asked my sweet friend if she would also be planning our wedding. as a joke. ha!} 

this is the photo i found of him on facebook, that i literally stared at for days while trying to figure out what i thought about the whole situation.  

my friends birthday was that weekend & she was throwing a backyard bbq party to celebrate. i was so excited to get to go & so excited to spend time with her & some of our other friends. i never even thought about if he would be there or not. the idea of him even being interested in me seemed so silly, so i didnt even worry about it. the day of her party i woke up late & dashed out the door for church. i didnt even brush my hair. i just wanted to get to church.

i remember looking exactly like this. same dress, same hair, no makeup. i showed up to the party & felt right away that something was going to happen. pretty soon, this tall man, with a handsome beard walked in. my heart sank. i was so nervous. at that moment, i really wanted him to like me. i tried to be cool. i tried to be calm, but i get really nervous around new people. i'll never forget the way that my friend introduced us to each other for the first time. she said, " nicholas, this is alexandria" & we shook hands & sat across the deck from each other. i told you that i get silly and nervous around new people, & it was no different this time. i started babbling about the coin collection that i had in my purse. i had a penny from 1880, & some 50 cent pieces & a few 2 dollar bills. i passed them around to anyone who wanted to see them & nick was one of them. it was so silly. typing that makes me sound like such a dork! i ended up not saying anything else to him after that & left the party early. not even an hour after the party was over he had friend requested me on facebook, & then the romance started... but i will save that for another post. 

come back for ' how i fell in love with my husband- part 2' next wednesday. i promise it is a really great love story. ;) 

happy 3 years of knowing each other, sweet wonderful husband man. i'll love you as long as i am alive. 



  1. haha! this is awesome! I love that you're writing this all out. Someday you'll be glad you wrote down every detail. Maggie (and future kids) can read and feel a part of some of the most important history in your lives. This is why I journal :)

    Looking forward to part 2!

  2. This is such a great story, I love how you write =)

  3. i always get excited reading love stories,and yours happen to come by, therefore thanks for sharing and remain blessed in Jesus name.


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