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when i was in jr high & highschool, i had a friend who really liked words. she always would ask me what my favorite word was & why. i had the most trouble picking out which word was my favorite & finally settled on 'reflection'. i picked it, not because i particularly enjoyed my reflection, but because it means this: 

an image; representation; counterpart.

i have always liked seeing how the things that i do reflect who i am. who God is & how he created me to be. i have always loved seeing his reflection in my creativity,and in the world around me. 
a few nights ago, while we were packing to get ready for our little vacation, i put maggie-pie in front of our dreadful mirrored closet doors. i usually put her in front of them while i am cleaning or putting clothes away & she plays quietly while staring at herself. but this time, i saw her actually realize that she was looking at herself.
i had the privilege of watching my daughter see & understand her reflection for the first time. she waved at the baby in the mirror, & the baby waved back, she smiled at the girl & the girl smiled back. she squealed with pure delight at the sight of herself staring back. she would look over at me, & then with big bright eyes look back at herself, then back at me. it was one of my most favorite moments since being a mama. watching her laugh at herself, seeing her kiss the baby in the mirror, it just melted my heart. i love watching her discover new things, especially things that i know she finds pure joy in. now, everytime she sees her reflection she gets the most excited. everytime she sees me or her daddy in the mirror too, she gets pure joy on her face. i love that. 

i pray that my sweet daughter will not get caught up in her own reflection in the mirror, but that she will see the hand of the LORD reflected in all that she sees and does. i desire for her to see him in the flowers, in the sunsets, in the art that she will someday create, in life, in death, and even that she sees his fingerprints all over herself. 

its an incredible blessing to have a child. i am constantly reminded of so many things while caring for her. the LORD has been teaching & reteaching me through her every day. as much as i desire her to see his reflection in the world around her, i have to stop and be honest. ask myself if i stop to see his reflection. because the truth is, i dont often do that. i often pass by something full of beauty and forget that the LORD made that. i often forget that my life is a reflection of Him to the world around us. its convicting for sure. i love how he used my sweet little girl to open my eyes to this beautiful concept & that i have allowed it to fill my heart with desire to stop & remember that my life, this blog, my friendships, things i create, my home, my choice of clothing, my words are all a reflection of Christ to the world. am i doing the best job that i can to reflect His love to those around me? how can i reflect Jesus better? i am so thankful that the LORD has used this everyday experience to mold me to be more like him. 
God is good. 

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