how i met my husband - part two.

i am so excited to share with you the rest of our story this week! 
if you are just tuning in, here is part one .

so, i think that we left off with him friend requesting me on facebook... so, we talked for a few weeks on & off & one day he asked me what my favorite place was. i told him about this field that i had imagined. it was {still would be..} my dream place. we talked about it in detail & then a little later he asked me if i wanted to finish our conversation in person. i was so nervous, but said yes as quickly as i could type it. he started texting me every single morning & i had no idea what to think. on july 30, 2008 we met for lunch at a Mongolian grill. i almost threw up i was so nervous. { & i do not throw up, except for 3 days before our wedding, but thats another story..} we spent over an hour talking & eating. it was the easiest conversation that i ever had. we were getting along so great. i was so surprised to find out how much he loved Jesus - it made my heart feel so full and glad. he asked if we could keep hanging out, so we went to starbucks for another hour. it was like we had been friends for so long. 

i knew on that day, that i was going to marry him. or if not him, someone who was exactly like him. 

after we said our goodbyes, i went home to pick up my little brother & we headed out to the mall. i was on cloud nine the entire time. i couldnt get this amazing man out of my head. 
my friend {the same lady who introduced us..} called me & told me to get on facebook as soon as possible. when i did this is what i saw:

 it had the caption, "field of {your} dreams".

i. almost. died. 

it was exactly like i had described it. this man had listened to every last detail of my dream place. it was something i had never imagined would happen. 

we were in nonstop contact ever since that day. 
and i had enough wisdom, to let him do all the pursuing. 
which made falling in love so much sweeter. 

and you will hear more about it next week- i promise, this will only be a 3 part story! 



  1. cute, cute, cute! I love "love" stories. Amazing to me how God brings us into each other's lives and calls us to share one of the most important journeys as man and wife.
    I hope Nick still listens well and pursues you with as much passion as before. Its easy to lose over the baby making, life treking years... but by God's grace, its possible and even more amazing than the beginning! :)

    Love you guys.

  2. did you ever post part three to this?? I've been waiting! ;)


  3. ahhh, so romantic!


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