this week we are headed on vacation with my family! i usually tell people that it is 'camping' but it looks like this:

and that's not really camping. 
{yeah, that is a 60 person hot tub you are looking at, surrounded by 3 pools. hardly camping.}

i am so excited! 

we are going to:

send maggie's birth announcements {7 months late...}
take pictures
drink blended white mocha's from the on site coffee stand
spend a day at the local water park
& relax with my family.

on another note, my brother joined the army reserves last week 
{a post to come on that as soon as he gives me the go ahead to post pictures on here..} so this trip is going to be really sweet because it will be the last one that we will take with him for a while. 

right now, my husband is out with some friends seeing a movie, & my girl is taking a long afternoon/evening nap, so i am going to throw on some dawsons creek {its ok, you can laugh. my husband does.} & paint my nails. 


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