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i have been so blessed by you all regarding my last post. i have had emails and messages full of encouragement and i am so thankful that the LORD is using this trial for his glory. it honestly makes it all worth it.  100% worth it. so, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

i thought that i would post something fun, since there are some new readers {hello! so glad to have you!} & this blog has been a little on the serious side lately.  
once upon a time {when i was single} i had a little blog. it was inspired by my sweet friend em's mama. i started it in the spring of 2008 and her mama was my only reader. when her mama went to be with Jesus that summer, i pretty much stopped writing there. one of the things that she inspired me to write was 20 things that people might not know about me. { if you wanna read that list, you can check it out here.} 
so, today i am going to make a new list { & some from the old list will probably still be there.}

1. i get really nervous when i drive other people places. i feel like people are nervous to be with me, which causes me to be nervous.

2. i used to only like root beer if it had ice cream in it. then i got pregnant & found a true love for that soda. {thanks to my sweet friend kara, who always had a root beer at her house for me.} 

3. my least favorite sound in the entire world is the overtired whine of my 9 month old. it causes me to feel so anxious.

4.i really love having painted fingernails. 

5. i dream about being from the south. you could ask anyone who knows me in real life & i bring it up at least once a week. 

6. i do not eat seafood. unless its clam chowder. 

7. i am not a very good cook. 

8. i do not read as much as i should, but my 3 favorite books {not including the bible) are {in this order} 
{i try to read it once a year. my daughter already has her own copy.}
{read it in 3 days.}

9. i dont really like other peoples dogs that much. they mostly scare me. until i get used to them.

10. i dream about being a photographer. i really have NO skills. 

11. i think that i can sew better than i really can.

12. i love sweets. i could eat a baked good every single night.

13. i have a fear of change & the great unknown
14. one year on valentines day, i slipped and fell at costco. want to know what i slipped on? a banana peel. true story. the employee at costco didnt believe me either. 

15. i have a sweet spot for anything aqua blue. i dont know what it is about that color, but it makes me go weak in the knees.
16. i dont have time {or money} to do half of the DIY's that i want to do. 

17. i wear big pearl earrings almost everyday. they make yoga pants & leggings feel fancy. 

18. i have really small feet. which is helpful, because i can buy shoes in the kids section & save money!

19. even though i am terrible at it, i love dancing. 

20. my husband and i play boggle at least 2 a week & it is my lifetime goal to actually beat him more than once a year. 

oh and just because it is way to cute, here is a little photo of my pearl girl swimming for the very first time.


  1. SUPER cute swimming photos. She's such a doll!

  2. I love that you created this little list for us to "know" you better :) I think we have lots in common - except for #5 {I love CA} and #20 {what is boggle?}. And about being a bad cook - I bet I'm far worse then you are! :) lol

  3. I just found your blog through the Faith Blogs site! Beautiful and according to your list we have lots in common, even down to the root beer thing. I didn't like it at all, my brother always has...but when I was preggo..YES PLEASE! Weird right? So glad I found you, look forward to following you!

  4. flor: welcome! :) bloggle is a word 'board' game. its really fun!

    ashley: i am so glad you are here! the root beer thing is really funny! i dont know what it is about that soda!

  5. I loved loved loved this post!!
    You are such a cute momma!!


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