nine months

alright, as always this little post is a few days late, but on Sunday our little pearl turned 9 months old. which mean that she has been out in this world as long as she was snuggled inside of me. & that is crazy. pregnancy went by fast, but these first nine months have gone by even faster. 

dear baby girl::
i can not believe that you are nine months old. i have no idea where the time has gone. you are getting so big {every time i say that you put your hands in the air...} and turning into such a little crazy. you keep me on my toes for sure. i think that your eighth month of life might have been the hardest. you decided that you would not sleep during the day - ever. or the night for that matter. for 3 weeks you slept an average of 7 hours A DAY. that, little girl, is not enough. daddy & i were so exhausted. but thanks to our sweet friends, josh & lexi; we were given a break for a few nights & you were able to learn how to sleep, without being in our bed & without being swaddled. {yes we swaddled you until almost nine months old.} you did a lot of fun things too, like got your 2 tooth, went on a camping vacation with your gma, gramps hunkle gdog & hunkle d {daddy and i went too} where you spent 4 days in the sunshine, naked & swimming for the first time. oh my girl, you are a water baby. i am not sure i have ever seen you more happy. you have brought so much joy to all those around you. i never thought that i would love you as much as i do, but sweet pea beauty, you have stolen my heart. maggie, i have learned so much being your mama this month. i have learned that i really dont care what i look like in a bathing suit, i am going to walk around a water park with confidence because i dont want you to grow up worrying about your weight, i have learned that sometimes i just need to stop and play with you, because those moments that you want me to play with you are going to pass me by so quickly. i have learned that you really are a blessing {thanks, uncle craig for that reminder...} even when i dont get sleep, i am blessed to have you and there are countless others who would love to have what i do. i think that this month was full of growing for you & lots of growing for me. you do you own little version of crawling, but still prefer to stand & 'walk' everywhere. daddy is pretty much your favorite person. i love that he holds your heart. you clap constantly, and make raspberries at people. i think that dylan dean is your best friend. he makes you smile & i am pretty sure i see hearts in your eyes when you look at him. you love, love, love music. at church, every time there is music you put your arms in the air. its adorable. you also do that every time you hear music, and you started to 'sing' along with me. 

you love that record player

margaret pearl, you are loved more than you know by Jesus. and i pray that you come to know him quickly. you have become such an adventurous little girl & i am praying that you find Jesus, because he will take you on the greatest adventure of your life. thank you for bringing us another month full of joy {although this month it was sleepless joy..} i am so excited to watch you grow, so excited to hear you say mama & learn to crawl more & walk. i am excited to get to know you little one, these past nine months are only the beginning. i can not wait. i love you so much i could squish you. {but i wont.}



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