breaking the silence.

i realize i have been silent on this little blog, for almost a week. 
wanna know why?

i hate those stupid things. i had 3 this week plus dental work. 
soo, sorry for being quiet over here, but blogging has been impossible. most things this week have been impossible. thankfully we have been blessed by a baby who know knows how to entertain herself & i was able to get TONS of rest. i love that sweet little girl.

 i think she kind of looks like E.T. 
in this picture. i love it.  

So, the LORD has been teaching me some really cool things, & i am starting to feel this HUGE sense of freedom from the heavy burden i have carried around for the past 10 months. its so awesome to see & feel his love. to watch how if i just let him do his thing, he transforms my relationship with my husband, with my daughter & with my friends.  its been huge for us. we both can feel cool air & the sense that things are changing & that we may actually be walking out of a really stormy season. finally. 

{i apologize in advance for being all over the board today. but this is what it would be like if we were having a real life conversation.}

summer has finally decided to show up in Seattle. 
the air is hot and sticky almost every single day.
i love it, but at the same time, i am ready for fall.
and a sweater, with a pumpkin spice latte, & a cute baby in leggings & jackets. & shoes. what kind of shoes do you put on a baby who cant walk, but spends most of the day trying?

  we watched some really sweet kids last night & took them to the park. maggie loves the swing. like L.O.V.E.S. it, the girl likes to go high. she is brave {unlike her mama.}

she also thinks that she is ready to walk. i spend most of my day chasing her around our apartment, grabbing things out of her cute chubby little hands. we really need to baby proof this weekend. i found her trying to grab some candles from the shelf on the bottom of the coffee table - i didnt know we even had candles under there. last week she successfully dumped out an entire container of paperclips. which was awesome, because i also couldnt find where we last put them. now i know. but, back to what i was saying about walking. i caught her letting go of the couch and standing on her own 3 times yesterday. plus she walks really well when we hold her hands. & giggles like its the best day of her life when i try to get her to balance. 
we hit the jackpot with this lady. she is a doll. & i think that 9 months has been my favorite this far. Jesus has been SO good to us. 

anywho, thats the low down on what has been going on with us. 
our life is full.
and so are our hearts.


  1. LOVE the "ET" shot. Her smile is darling. So thankful and excited to hear more about God's continued grace and blessing in your lives! He is a good God.

  2. I thought there was something wrong with me and I was the only one who was craving fall. Glad you are too :)

    My kids all learned how to walk barefoot. We never did shoes because I got too sad when they lost them.

    Glad your migraine went away - NO fun :(


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