l o v e

it is no secret to anyone that today is my favorite holiday.
i love anything and everything that has to do with love. so many wonderful things have happened today! i get to celebrate the 3 month birthday of our little baby bird. she is amazing. i can not get enough of her. today my sweet friend, rosie, found out if her sweet belly is growing a lovely little lady, or a sweet little man. today i get to celebrate being in love with my husband. he is an amazing man, husband, daddy and friend. i get to celebrate all the wonderful friendships i have. i get to celebrate the fact that my savior loves me and pursues me more than anyone. i also get to drool over all the beautiful things that debuted here today.
can i please, please get married again?! 

today you will see 2 posts from me. 
mostly because my sweet lady is awake and wanting some playtime. and because i am behind on project thirtyone. and because i want to post all about our valentines day as a family of 3. 
love to you all.
xoxo:: a

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  1. Awww, I'm glad you have so much fun with today. For some reason, I've never been a fan :(
    I can't believe Miss Maggie is 3 months old!! She looks like she's doing well and getting so big. We need to see you guys soon!


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