teething, lack of sleep & other miserable things.

 oh, hello. 
did you think i forgot about you?
{i didnt in case you were wondering...}
this past week or so has been miserable. 
&  if i would have tried to blog last week, this is all you would have read: 

right now i am sitting in the starbucks parking lot 
using their free wifi while i allow the car to lull my sweet baby
to sleep. she is getting that glorious first tooth that i have been waiting for, & this girl is not sleeping. instead she is waking up every 2 hours at night

because that little tiny paragraph is all i had time, or energy to write. 
on wednesday, little lady margaret showed us her first tooth. 
& i was so happy, because before that she had been fussy, but not too fussy, up a few times at night, but not many & had a few low grade fevers. i thought we had hit the teething jackpot. that little white tooth poked itself up through her gums & she barely gave us any trouble. oh, was i silly to think that.

that night, our sweet 8 month old turned into an 8 week old. waking up every single hour. screaming at the top of her lungs, unable to sleep unless she was rocked, bounced or on a body. preferably mine. it was torture for me & my sweet husband. we spent 3 days {& still counting} of roatating who gets to sleep. 
{its his turn tonight. lucky me.} 
it got so bad on sunday that we took maggie to the urgent care. 
they were really quick & we learned that besides our baby weighing in at 19 pounds and 27.75 inches, that she had a case of roseola. which explained all the fevers, the rash, & the screaming. roseola + teething + super hot seattle weather + no sleep = a very exhausted family. 

nick said it best, "this feels like survival mode." my sweet husband is right. its like we are barely staying alive. 
a sweet friend encouraged me to read my last blog post. 
i did. about 2 hundred times. 

we just {for the first time} let maggie fuss herself to sleep. & now its silent in the room. nick just checked on her. & she is peacefully sleeping. & now i feel like throwing a party. but maybe i should just go to sleep. 

i know that this post is not very interesting, but its where we are today. i am hoping to start blogging about some non baby topics soon. 

any advice from you mamas about sleeping, teething, roseola, and staying sane?

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  1. I want to give you a hug. I want to tell you that these hard days soon become better days. I want to tell you how many times I felt this way. How many journal entries I wrote to my kids, letting them know I DO love them. Telling them I hope my sad, frustrated face isn't something they remember when they're older. How many times I prayed and asked God to give me that ease and comfortable confidence in the early baby days, that so many moms I knew had.
    But all I can really tell you (that will encourage you is) there is joy in the morning. It DOES get better. You and Nick will actually forget the aches and pains of these days (shockingly, you will!)
    Take it one day at a time.
    Pray OFTEN.
    Laugh at as many moments as you can laugh at.
    Cry when you want to cry. Don't think you have to hold it in.
    Remember so many Moms are going through very similar things you are. You aren't alone.
    I'm proud of you for letting her cry it out tonight - that is SO hard!!

    Just remember God knows and understands and wants to help you carry these heavy loads. Lay them at His feet and kick your feet up with Maggie :) Take a day where you just eat and relax and smile at each other, even through the tears.

    Love to you!


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