first day back.

so today was my first day back at work. it was so weird showing up and putting on the silly green apron. i don't know if this is terrible to say, but i really didn't miss being there. i did not have a terrible day, in fact it was really good for not working in about 5 months, but i didn't really want to be there. my heart is not there, my heart is at home. poor baby maggie had a rough day. she stayed with my sweet, sweet friend; her auntie kara, but the poor little bird cried pretty much the whole time, and was super uncomfy and gassy. :( i am hoping that next week is better. although i am super blessed to only be working wed- fri.. and super blessed to have amazing friends (and my mama!)watch her. its so comforting to know she is being loved while i am making lattes.

on another note, our anniversary was so sweet! nick planned the whole day and it was lovely. baby maggie girl was picked up by my little brother (who has an cool design blog, read it here!) and then my sweet husband took me to the original pancake house (which is not the same as IHOP. in case you were wondering.) he knows that i adore pancakes, and this place had tons of different kinds. {side note :: a sweet lady in our community group told me about a pancake place in portland that sounds amazing and i now have another reason to dream of portland. thanks liz! :)} i had banana pancakes and they were amazing! after that we went to starbucks because coffee dates really speak to my heart and my husband knows this very well. we sat and laughed and chatted. it was so good. he is so cute. he then drove us to pike place market and bought me some beautiful flowers, and we went on an adventure to find the 'gum wall'. it was really neat, and disgusting all at the same time. nick and i give each other creative traditional anniversary gifts. last year was paper and he gave me a magazine subscription and i gave him a book (which i still need to order... 367 days later...) this year the gift was cotton. i bought nick a bag to carry all his things to work in, and he bought me these: 
now i am just awaiting their arrival! (had to be sent to me because nordstroms was out of my color and size!) after all that, we went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. it was a really sweet day! i am posting a ton of photos that we took on our phones. 
yummy banana pancakes!

cute husband.

americanos and laughing. so good for my soul.

reason #20,000 why i love this man.

bubblegum wall

this part was my favorite- -  see the mustache!

my beautiful flowers

amazing dinner at Maggianos

my phone updating and telling me that we were celebrating our anniversary. to be honest, i was just giddy that my phone randomly had a heart notification.

pike place. i am the one in the black. :)

 well, tomorrow is another work day. 
if i can do 1 i can do 2 right? 
i am so thankful for all the prayers that people were sending up for me today. i felt them all. i felt so encouraged by all my sweet friends and family that this day was so much better than i thought. 



  1. praying for day 2. you're a strong lady.

  2. AHHH! What a fun and beautiful anniversary! And what a PERFECT "cotton" gift! TOMS... YAY!

    And praying for your day 2 as well!!!!

  3. I have those exact same tom's, they are AMAzingly comfy, and don't make your feet all sweaty and cold like most flats when you wear them barefoot.....fyi :)


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