2 years of love.

today i am celebrating a lot of things. the first (and most important thing) is that 2 years ago today i married my sweet husband. that day was so wonderful. it feels like it was a million years ago, because so much happened on that day and it happened so fast & in a hurry that it is hard to remember all the details. i do remember getting ready to walk down the isle and my dad asked me if i was nervous. i told him no. that i was really excited. i was so ready to marry nick. so excited about our life together. now, 2 years later i am up at 6 in the morning, snuggling our sweet daughter. (who slept like 13 hours straight last night?!what?!)i am not sure that if you told that sweet little bride 2 years ago what life would be like, what marriage would really be like, that i would have really believed you. i thought that marriage was just like a fairytale. i never expected out marriage to have anything hard in it. i was so young. the past 2 years have been the hardest years. they have been filled with ups and downs, trials, sickness, hard times, tears, laughter, giggles, victories, praises, & growing in Jesus. i could not imagine my life without my sweet husband, and i am so thankful for his grace, support, love, honesty, and sense of humor. i have been so taken care of, and so loved. i am sure blessed. here are a few photos of our special day...

happy anniversary, nick! i love you deeper than i did on the day i became your wife. i am so thankful for you. you are an amazing husband, and a wonderful daddy. i am so excited to spend the day celebrating us and this marriage that by the grace of God is 2 years old, and i pray to see it grown and become 100. (or at least 75.) i love you!
another thing i am celebrating - - maggie girl slept from about 4 yesterday afternoon, until 5 this morning. she woke up once to eat. and now, she is sleeing again. this is the 2 night in a row that she has slept straight until 5am. i really hope we are on to something here! 


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