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 our church put together this amazing, beautiful hour long documentarty about what God has done at Mars Hill Church. we are starting a sermon series called, "Gods work, Our wittness" and this film really shows that. i know that an hour is a long time, but i would like to encourage you to watch this video. 

i love seeing what Jesus is doing at our church, and i havent been around MH for that long. i started attending evening services in ballard in the late spring of 2008 as a 20 year old girl with a firey anger for pastor mark and mars hill church. i was convinced that he was spreading a false gospel and that he was converting all these 'young' people to follow him and his unbiblical idea of Christianity. i sat in the dark room filled with loud music and young adults with my notebook in hand ready to write down all the things i disagreed with. i was ready to judge, to jump on whatever small thing that pastor mark would say that i didnt agree with. 

want to know what i wrote down?

"they do communion weird."

literally, that was the only thing i disagreed with. i was shocked and felt like i had to go back again and see if i could find fault.
i went 3 weeks in a row with a few friends from high school.
each week pastor mark addressed my wonky 'concerns' in his sermons. by the 3 week i was weeping in my seat at what God was doing in that church.
i have never stopped going to mars hill since that day. 

God has grown me in HUGE ways at mars hill. i am so thankful for his work, and so grateful to pastor mark for teaching the Bible and for always bringing things back to Jesus. 

this video is amazing, to see how this Church almost didnt make it, but Jesus kept it going. i am so blessed and excited to be a part of this Church, and so excited to share the rest of my story with you all on this blog, and to share in the coming weeks all the amazing things that God is doing, has done and will forever do to show his glory and bring people to himself. 

i was in tears hearing the changed lives, seeing the places that we have been as a church and i am sure as we keep talking about all the places that we are going, i'll continue to be in tears at the beauty of Gods work. 

if you have any questions about Jesus, or Mars Hill Church, please feel free to send me an email, and please, watch this beautiful film.


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  1. Loved the documentary on Sunday! I really enjoyed that it gave me such an eye opening appreciate for where MH has been and where its going. I wish sometimes it felt less "business like" and more like a church (if that makes sense) but I think that's normal when a church has so much growth and reaches out to so many different groups of people.

    I loved your comment "they do communion weird" - SO funny.
    I can't really remember my first impressions. I know we loved the Worship and the sermon, but I think I was mostly not thrilled about how large it was. I had no idea I would make such deep friendships in such a large place, but Community Groups definitely make that happen and get you connected.


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