no more green apron & other random thoughts.

today i woke up to go to work at 5am for the last time. 
today i made my last handcrafted espresso drink.
today i got my last free pound of coffee.
today i turned in my green apron.

for the past {almost} 5 years i used the word, 'starbucks partner' often when telling people about who i am. i have so loved & enjoyed my time as a barista. but even more than that, i am so looking forward to my "new" job - being a stay at home mama. 

i have been so blessed to work for a company that has been so flexible with me & my crazy ever changing life, but oh i can not wait until monday morning {well actually wednesday morning because he took a long weekend...} when my sweet husband goes to work & i get to stay home & take care of our house & our daughter. i love that the LORD created me to be homeward & that i am finally living the desire of my heart, by his grace! 
so, be on the lookout for more blogging, more stories on how i am learning to tackle this life, more insight on what i am being taught by the LORD, more photographs & more recipes & budgeting tips. {i am going to be learning to cook & live on a budget... i might as well share it with you!} 

on another note, we are going to portland tomorrow. i adore portland. {ok, i have only been 1 time, but i loved it with all my little heart.} any places that we must see while we are there?! OH & pray for us, we are taking miss maggie on her first vacation with just us! exciting - yes. nerve wracking - totally. 
looking forward to sharing my adventure with you all! 


  1. wahoo!!! I am so excited for you, Ally! Enjoy this time of your life!

  2. If you're looking for recipes on a budget, check out the blog Budget Bytes :)



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