portland {in photos}

alright, so this might be a photo overload, & i am sorry, but we had so much fun this past weekend in portland! maggie was an angel, & loved traveling & slept amazing in the hotel & loved walking around the city so much. it was a huge blessing to spend this time with my little family!

cupcake jones. vanilla pearl cupcake.
crafty wonderland. basically an etsy store on a street corner, next to the best toy store. ever.

pooped from our long day of walking.

swoon. he is so handsome.

baby maggie's first time on a swing. she completely loved it.

maggie loves vacation

my dream plate from anthro.

maggie & daddy hanging out

goodnight maggie

family photo

we ate at a wings place called, fire on the mountain & it was SO yummy!

for breakfast we ate at a place called, the original & i had fruitloop pancakes. healthy? nope. delicious? yes.

maragaret pearl loves the city.


strolling through the park

one of our favorite parts of portland.

i will post more about all the wonderful places that we ate, the things that we saw & more details of our time later this week {in different posts..} but i just was anxious to post some of our photos from our spur of the moment adventure! 

what did you do this weekend?


  1. there are stumptown locations in seattle too (which you might already know) if you are ever wanting it closer to home.

  2. FUN! The Keep Portland Weird sign made me LOL :)

    We had out of town friends over, ran a ton of errands and did church!

  3. oh... and on Memorial Day we went to the Tulalip outlets :)

  4. elizabeth:: i think there is just something special drinking stumptown in portland, but enjoy it often here too!

    Stef:: that sounds like a fun weekend! we left right after church on sunday, missed seeing you!

  5. I started drooling at the first two pics!


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