i only had 10 mins...

this week is busy, busy, busy. 
i am co-planning a baby shower for this lovely lady this weekend. 
which means that i have so many craft projects to work on, 
so many things to bake. and gifts to get together.
on saturday we are also going to a wedding.
& i am super excited about it.
i love weddings. a lot.
which also means that i have to figure out 2 fancy outfits.
{baby shower & wedding.} 
buy some more sweet gifts.
& finalize babysitting plans.

just looking at all that makes me tired. 
& i started the 30 day shred last night with my sweet husband.
{i adore how supportive he is.}
so my body is sore in all kinds of places.
so this mama is tired. really tired.

i am thankful for the fact that i keep getting constant strength from the LORD. 
that i know that he will carry me even when i am so weary.
i love that.

oh. & i have a veggie pizza in the oven right now.
that might be burning.

at least we are getting frozen yougurt tonight.
& my daughter loves to watch disney movies.
which is so delightful. 
i love hearing peter pan while i do dishes. 

alright, enough of my ramblings. 
i'll be back tomorrow with something more, uh, meaningful. 
{or at least i'll try}

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