pumpkin carving & halloween 2011

i was going to write a really cute post on our pumpkin carving.
and then i was going to write an even cuter post on how i made my little girls costume. and after that a cute post about all our halloween fun.

but honestly, i have been to busy soaking in all the wonderful time that i can with my husband and little girl. so, i am going to just post a ton of pictures and then i hope to get back to regular blogging tomorrow. 

oh, and another thing, thanks for being such great readers... i feel like i have not had the chance to get to know many of you and i would love to change that, but i am so thankful for those of you who have followed along and stuck out these past few months of little to no blogging. i promise, i am back.

enjoy a peek into our little october! 

yukon cournielus and mary poppins

spit spot

our little owl

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