so many blessings!

oh. my. friends. my heart is so full right now! i have a lot of things to say, so please just bear with me.

to start out; the death cold has hit the macewen household {again}. this week was TERRIBLE over here. i mean, we went through more tissues that i thought possible, 2 boxes of cold meds, countless boogie wipes {if you dont know what those are, google them. amazing!} i have not been this sick in a looong time, and it was miserable. i had to call in sick from work {which i never do} 2 days this week. on tuesday i had a fever and a sore throat, on wednesday i had a light fever and sore throat and a deep voice, on thursday i had no voice at all and it felt like i was swallowing fire. then, while trying to go to sleep last night i had so much sinus pressure that my jaw and my ear were throbbing in pain. its gross. all the while miss maggie has snot coming out of everywhere and a cough that scares this mama. {not to mention a low grade fever pretty much all week.} so, there is very little sleep going  on over here, which makes it so much more exciting. :) the good news is that i think we are on the mend. i am feeling a lot better today {although not 100%} and mags shows signs of that too. thank you Jesus! {especially since i work tomorrow at 4am!}

another huge blessing is that my sweet babe loves being in the bath! it was 2 days shy of her 5 month birthday and she loves being in the water! like she seriously would scream like no other when we put her in the water. {or near water for that matter} and now the girl loves it. like she can not get enough. the girl splashes and loves to kick around. its a huge accomplishment for our little lady, and a giant blessing to this mama and daddy! so this morning we took a long bath together. its so wonderful because i dreamed of splashing and playing in the bath together with her and i honestly never thought that it was possible. but today, my silly little dream came true. and it was bliss for this tired, sick, overwhelmed mama.  
{maggie also started to sit up on her own this week... but more about that later!} 

and the biggest, most wonderful blessing of all is:: 
he got the job! 
thank you for all your prayers! it is such a huge blessing to our little family! nick called me this morning to let me know that they picked him to be promoted to assistant store manager! i can not believe it! this has been a long journey of just trusting Jesus with my sweet husbands job, and a year ago we had NO idea that this could or would be a possibility! this is HUGE friends! {& more to come on why it is so huge for our family soon!} today is such a great day & gift from the LORD. i am excited to go out and celebrate this awesome news with my sweet family and my sweet husband. i am so thankful and super excited about this next chapter of our lives! {nick, if you are reading; i love you and am so thankful for how you have & will continue to provide for our family! }  we are still giggly over here with excitement!

today will be a 2 post day, i'll be back with some sweet pictures of little pearl, and for mama in focus friday! {& some more fun news! stay tuned!} 




  2. we are SO over-the-top excited for you guys. Congrats to Nick especially!!

  3. thanks guys! we still cant stop giggling with excitement over here! :)


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