the LORD is good!

i am thanking Jesus for today! in the midst of this crazy season that we are in, he is teaching me and loving me in ways i could have only dreamed. the sun has been shining in seattle for 2 days in a row {praise!} and yesterday it was nearly 60 degrees! maggie and i went for a walk with my mama and brothers, went to ikea and bought shelves for her nursery {which you will be able to see photos of as soon as it is finished. i know, 5 months into her life and the poor girl still doesnt have a beautiful space to call her own.} and then to the fabric store to get some fabric for some buntings i am working on. but the best part was being outside. seeing and feeling the fresh air, introducing the wind and sweet spring smells to my daughter, oh it makes a heart happy! i felt so much joy from the LORD! it suddenly didnt matter that my house was a bit chaotic, or that my baby girl had dried snot in her hair & green goo in her eyes, or that i could barely swallow, this crazy season didn't matter. i just felt so loved by Jesus. i felt so encouraged by his goodness. i felt more alive in him than i have in weeks. and it was a huge blessing!

today, i had a sweet little lady come over and watch maggie while i was able to get things cleaned up. it was another sweet gift from the LORD. like i could not have gotten the things done that i did without her help. it felt so good to check some things off the list. and now i am sitting on the couch, drinking a cup of coffee and eating a chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven, {i dont suppose that those things are very good for my fever or my cold.} while i anticipate the sweet awakening of my daughter who feels the exact same way as i do. but, i'll leave you with this because today it is on my heart::



  1. I have been feeling these same things this week, friend. I think trials for sure bring us closer to God. I think we suddenly understand how truly blessed we are when the silver lining gets removed every so often :)

    Don't feel bad about Maggie's room. Our girls never had their own space until close to a year. Ethan was the baby that wanted to sleep alone, spread out in his crib at 8 weeks. But the girls wanted to be close to Mama, so we had them next to our bed for almost 10+ months. Felt long going through it, but I miss those days. We both do.
    They'll never remember not having a decorated room at first :)

    Love yoU!

  2. Girl, if you could only see my little space I call home (in fact, just a tiny living room in my parents house).

    And isn't Jesus GRAND! He whispered love with the scent of the wind! He breathed life with the rays of the sun! And He found Joy in your heart when you recognized His love for you! Guess what, JESUS isn't comparing you to anyone. You are the best mama for your little girl and THANK YOU GOD that a clean and organized home isn't that deciding factor! ;0)


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