sick day.

today i woke up sick. and so did maggie. & husband is at work. so, today is a lay on the couch, stay in comfy clothes, drink lots of water and hot beverages day. my head hurts so bad that i every time i get up i think it might just roll right off my body. maggie though is being a little gem and playing by herself and snuggling alot {which i love}. this is actually giving me a lot of time to just sit and read, and pray, and update the pages on this blog that i have neglected, as well as get things together for a new blog design. i have been working on one in my head forever and now i am just getting ready to send all my ideas over to a lovely blog designer. i am excited to see what she will come up with. :) 

i feel so blessed by the LORD for giving me the family and friends that he has given me. even while i am in the midst of a storm, and am now sick on top of it all, i feel like the clouds have lifted and i feel joy. joy from the LORD, joy from knowing that he is my hope, my strength and my salvation. things should be looking different around here soon, and i am excited to see the changes. i am excited to see what the LORD is going to do in my heart as i walk through this. i am excited to see how all of this is going to bring him glory. i am looking forward to sharing this story that he is writing us with you. mmm, things are so much sweeter when you invite Jesus in and ask him to take control.  this verse is something that has been on my heart lately, and i actually bought this print to put on our wall. its such a beautiful reminder! you can buy one too here. 


  1. hope you are feeling much better! love that little verse in psalms :)


  2. hey there :) thanks for saying hello & for your kind words! you are too, too sweet. i never put two and two together with the print & all. heh. i feel joy reading your blog & reading your heart. thanks for your transparency! xo


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