six months?!

sorry i have been absent lately! a little pearl has been taking up most of my time { & i am alright with that!} over the weekend we went on a camping trip {those photos will be up soon..} & we also celebrated margaret's 6 month birthday. six whole months. can someone please tell me how in the world my daughter got this big? it feels like it was last month that i was laying in a hospital bed with the most beautiful human being alive in my arms. i can not believe how big she is, & how much grace the LORD has given us. she is an evidence of that grace daily. i have grown so much as a mama, a wife, a friend, & a Christ follower in the past 6 months. i am so excited for the next 6, { & pretty sure i know why people cry at their babies birthdays.} its such a blessing to be her mama. here is a photo recap of the last 5 months. {i'll post the six month one when she is almost 7 months... it makes more sense to me that way...}  enjoy our little pearl! i know we do! 
month 1

{ok so i know you can not read this one, but i tried.. i'll try & fix it soon...}




fifth month


  1. I love what you have done with each months picture of Maggie!! So sweet and thoughtful!! You've inspired me!!!!!

  2. oh what precious little pictures! our little guy just turned seven months and it seems like just yesterday he was born. time flies doesn't it?! :)

  3. I LOVE this and she is going to cherish it FOREVER too :)

    :) Rebecca Southwick :)

  4. I really love how you did your monthly shots with the details written on the picture!! I might have to try that in the future! She is too precious!!

  5. Ah! LOVE these!! What a sweetheart you have. :)


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