five things...

today there are a few things that are on my heart, some are serious, some are silly. i'll share them with you in no particular order.

one:: i adore the sunshine. & because of my love for the sunshine, i have been loving on all things yellow. here are a few of my favorites::

Source: google.com via Ally on Pinterest

Source: dn.se via Ally on Pinterest

 two:: i just used baking soda to wash my face & my hair. my hair has not felt this clean in a long time, & my face feels extra soft. i have been having some trouble with my hair falling out the past few months, so anything that makes my hair feel pretty & not like i am balding is awewsome. 


i just need to memorize this. 

lately i really miss breastfeeding. you can read more about why i am no longer breastfeeding my sweet girl here. 
but today this week, i have really been missing it. i don't know if it is because i am reading a ton of blogs where beautiful ladies have just given birth & are breastfeeding for the first time, or again, but its making me miss it something fierce. i know i had to give this dream of breastfeeding until at least 1 years old to Jesus, because i didnt think that formula was in 'my plan', but it is. & i am 100% ok with that choice because it was & is the healthiest option for maggie & i. but, there are days when i just want to remember what it was like, to feel that intimate bonding again. & sure we have a million other ways that maggie pearl & i bond, but for some reason, lately this has been heavy on my heart. i will continue to give it to Jesus, because i know that he knows what is best. 

five:: i have been dreaming of a photoshoot with my sweet husband man & my lovely baby girl. here is what i have been dreaming about :

so there you have it. just some of the things in my mind. {also, i am a little addicted to pintrest lately...} hope you are all enjoying your midweek! 



  1. See, the best part about the baking soda thing hasn't even happened yet. The best part will be a week from now, when you're like "Yeah, I could go another couple of days without washing my hair."

  2. I stopped "washing" my hair about 7 months ago, and it just keeps getting better, so just you wait!

  3. i love you so much.

    i love your heart and your passion about giving even the mourning of that special time with mags to Jesus.

    i love that - in those pictures... it's your fam :)

    i love the yellow.

    i love that I get to SEE you tomorrow!

  4. Great tips for the hair. I've had some fall out -- I need to try this.

    I love your list. I'm quite the list type of person, so reading lists is one of my faves. :)


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