a mothers day recap & some really exciting news.

hello friends! i'll start with a little recap of how lovely my mothers day went. i woke up in the morning to my sweet baby girl all ready to touch my face & snuggle me until the end of time. we stayed in bed & snuggled for a half hour & then my sweet husband brought me my gift. he totally heard what i said about cards {i have a thing for really beautiful cards that can double as artwork..} and he gave me 2 of the most beautiful cards i have seen. then i opened my amazing gift of stumptown coffee & 3 {yes, you read that right..} of these amazing anthropoligie mugs. 
 he gifted me the 'a' & the  'n' & the 'm' so that someday we can all enjoy drinking out of them together. {they are so lovely i can not stop using mine.} i was also gifted this lovely perfume that i dreamed of buying to wear on our wedding day, but never actually got around to buying. 

we just laid in bed as a sweet little family of 3 for over an hour before getting up & heading out to starbucks for breakfast. it was a lovely day, even though i had a pretty terrible migraine that left me in tears near the afternoon. i feel so blessed to be a mama. so blessed that while i was putting our sweet pea to sleep that night i had the chance to pray hard for so many things. for her, & for me & for my husband. i spent a good 45 mins trying to get her to sleep all the while praying & talking to my father. it might have been the highlight of my whole day. 

so i eluded in my last post {by the way, how sweet is my husband for writing what he wrote?!} that there were some exciting things to share. i have thought about how to share them for the past 4 days & i feel like its not real so i cant express it, but the truth is that its real, its happening & i couldnt be more thankful.
here is a piece of my heart::
when we discovered that we were having a baby we were so excited. so excited about all the wonderful things awaiting us. we knew it wouldnt be easy & we knew it was not the 'perfect' time. we both worked & needed to be working because otherwise we would be negative every month. & oh how our hearts desired for me to be able to stay at home. they have always desired that. but the timing was not right. so we prayed. we prayed & prayed that the LORD would prepare us for being a working family. we prayed & prayed that he would give us strength & we prayed that he would open up a way for me to stay at home. we were satisfied with whatever he decided for us. & it seemed he was writing our story with me back at work after our little pearl was born. i was blessed to take an 18 week maternity leave & to be able to go back part time. {like super part time...} in about january the LORD spoke to my heart & told me that it was time for me to trust him completely & that trusting him meant giving him control over our money & staying home from to raise our baby girl. what the heck!? i have been known to really idolize money. to think i can not live without it. & the LORD gave me complete peace about giving it over to him. i shared that with my husband & he agreed, but we needed to both pray about it more & work some things out. nick was promoted & i had been just having the hardest time back at work because that is not where my heart was. my heart longed to be at home making a home, praying for my husband, snuggling with my baby. we prayed more & talked more & on sunday the first of may, my sweet husband told me to quit. he told me it was ok to stay home. & my heart soared. not just because i was no longer going to work, but because we were being obedient to what the LORD had called us to do. {i just want to be sure that you all know that if you are a mama who has to work, i do not think it is bad. i admire you because i know it is hard, hard work. this is just what the LORD had called us to do & if he has written your story differently than i think it is ok. i think that following him is far more important than anything else...} so, all that being said, on friday i put in my notice after working for starbucks for almost 5 years. at the end of this month i will become a stay at home mama & i could not be happier. i am so excited to start this crazy journey of living on 1 income {because honestly it doesnt work out on paper...} & trusting the LORD to provide for us. i am excited to spend so much time with maggie p. i am so excited to serve my husband better {because i couldnt balance working & all those other things.} so, that is just a small piece of some things that are going on over here. we are feeling very blessed. 



  1. Ah! Congrats, Ally! Getting to be a stay-at-home mom is the most awesome gift from God. I have often heard it said that if you wait to have kids until it works out financially, you'll never have them...my guess is the same goes for the stay-at-home mom route. I pray God will continue to provide and will grow your family's faith in Him. Happy late Mother's Day!

  2. SO very excited for you!! It never seems to work out on paper, but God always works it out :)


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