ten months.

um, dont you want to just squish that ball of cuteness?!
dearest maggiepie:

today you are 10 months old. 
i can not believe how fast the past 10 months have gone. you are growing into a silly little pearl and i love every single second of it. 
while you were 9 months old a lot {& i mean a lot} of things changed with you. 
you had a really hard time sleeping. it consumed our lives. sleep became an idol. we worshiped it & we were angry for everytime that you wouldnt sleep when you were supposed to. we prayed and asked God for wisdom and he sent help in the form of our sweet, wonderful friends. j & l were so gracious to keep you over night for a few nights while daddy and i got some sleep {& you too!} you slept 12 hours each night for them, and every night since. i am so thankful for their help in breaking you of sleeping in a swaddle... and i know that you are thankful as well, because you now sleep 12 hours at night, and take 1-3 {sometimes mini} naps a day. its amazing. you are so much happier. you learned how to crawl this month and when you did the first person that you crawled to was your daddy. when we took you to the dr for your checkup you had the whole office in giggles with your sweet cheeks and you lovely smiles. {you are a flirt} at that wonderfully amazing appointment we found out that you, my sweet girl, are 18 pounds and so super close to 29 inches tall. you are perfect. your dr also said that we could give it another 3 months before re testing your hearing {since you are quiet as a church mouse} and he said that you could eat whatever you wanted. so, we left & that night you ate turkey and cheese like it was going out of style. in fact, you eat like all food is going out of style these days. you, are a foodie. you love it. so far you have not met a food you dont like. your favorites these days seem to be mangos, feta cheese {for reals}, yogurt, pumpkin, cheerios, and anything that mama and daddy are eating for dinner. you still wont drink out of a sippy cup and you do not like water. {we are working on it daily...} you love to hang out with mama and daddy and love it when daddy has the day off. you really love to go to target and kick your leggies with excitment as you gleefully ride in the cart. speaking of glee, you watched the whole first season with me while i was very sick & you loved it. {you love any kind of music...} & speaking of target, while we were there one saturday buying you clothes for fall daddy and i were walking around and suddenly he asked me what you were doing. i had no idea. we stopped & listened. you were 'talking'. my little lady, you finally made a noise! you were 'blah, blah, blah-ing' your way through target & i loved every single second of it. you say your 'blah, blahs' all the time and i encourage it. wanna know whats so cool about that? it means no hearing test in 3 months. yay maggie! {if i said that out loud you would clap your chubby little hands and then pull them up under your chin. so cute.} 

maggie girl, you want to be everywhere all at once. you barely crawl, but almost walk. you do what we call the 'caveman' crawl. its hilarious. & you decided that you are big enough to stand on your own.whaaat?! you also make a squishy fish face and laugh constantly. you are such a sweet joy. 
you have 2 teeth and are currently working on all 4 of your top teeth. thats right, there are 4 tiny while pearls on your little gum. & you are miserable. but still a joy. 

i am learning so much from you. how to be joyful and thankful. how to let go of things like messy houses & mounds of laundry and dishes all because you want to snuggle or play. you play alot. you like to be interactive and are not at all independant. {just like your mama.} you have a best friend. his name is Dylan Parker... and you go weak in the knees every time you see him. he makes you laugh so hard {daddy gets a little jealous...} you also seem to think that petting a cat is the funniest thing in the entire world. every time i do it, you double over in hard core giggles.  

you have no idea how you have changed my life little lady. & i can not wait to share it with you someday. i love having you around. honestly, i think that the age you are at now is my favorite so far. you are so much fun to be with, and you honestly make daddy and i laugh all the time. 
we love you magaroohoo. 


ps: please dont grow up to quickly now, ok?! 

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  1. I love her.

    Also, she WILL grow up too quickly. They never hold to that promise :(


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