this week i am going to have a lot of things to blog about! 

nick and i are doing something called 'redemption group' at our church and i really am looking forward to writing about it, but not today. because today i have mac and cheese in the crockpot {recipe coming soon!} and a peach pie in the oven. i have never ever in my life made a pie before. & i totally bought the pie crust. but thats ok, because i am making it all to take to my sweet friends who had a baby last week! 

in the meantime, here is the recipe for the peach pie that i used. minus the crust of course. 

ps: please go check out my sweet friend, danielle's blog today, & help her bring her sweet baby home!

one sweet love

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  1. OH YUM!! I just love peach pie!!! This sounds so good!!


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