oh hello.
i confess : i have been a terribly awful blogger this month. 
but really, i felt like the only things that i could blog about would be silly things that i dont think anyone wants to read about. like what i did on an ordinary monday, or what i bought at trader joes last week. or the newest thing i pinned on pinterest. i have hardly taken a photo this month, so i dont even have that to share with you. 

it has not even been a busy or a hard month. i dont know what happened. so, dear readers, i am sorry. 
recently i have really been enjoying my little family. more than ever. our pearl is so fun. she is goofy and silly and i love her. 
we have also been going through redemption group at our church and have been learning so so much. i want to spend time talking about it, i want to blog about what i am learning, but i for some reason can not adequetly say all the things. i am praying for Jesus to give me the words to share all the amazing things that i am learning, but right now i dont have them. so, be on the lookout because sometime in the near future i will have a whole lot of goodness to share with you. i can say that this has been the most amazing time of learning with the Lord. He has been teaching me so much. 

maggie girl started to say "mama" last weekend and she spent the entire week crawling around saying, "mama mama mama". it was so sweet. this weekend she learned how to say " dada" and now that is all she says. its sweet, and its amazing how quickly she is learning these days. she is in love with her 'babies'
{snow white, mr who & 'baby'} 
i love watching my lady baby turn into a little lady. she is such a girl and it is such a sweet blessing to be a part of. 

i hope to be back tomorrow.


  1. Aww I loved when my daughter first started saying mama, it was so sweet. Now she's walking all over the place thinking she's awesome haha.

    Petit Monstree

  2. I've had the same blog lull and also don't know why. We're busier than ever and doing lots of interesting stuff, but I just don't feel like blogging it. And, I've been on a picture taking lull too! Weird.
    Maggie saying "mama" makes my heart sing - I remember the first time my kids said Mama, it was like someone handed me the world.


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