maggie eats.

maggie eats the weirdest food. 

and she eats it because i give it to her.

i do not want her to be a picky eater if i can help it so once i got the go ahead from her doctor to give her anything we eat, i went for it. she has tried tons of different things and she has not turned her nose to anything, until this week. she doesnt like egg whites. at all. she threw them all on the floor. anyways, i thought i might share with you all some of the recipes that i make for maggie girl to eat! 

one of her favorite things to eat is pumpkin or squash. when she was 6 months old the first thing i gave her was peas, followed by butternut squash. i mostly started giving it to her because i bought a bag of diced butternut squash at the grocery store and it was easy to steam and then blend in our magic bullet. maggie loved it. and she would eat it almost every single day. i then introduced her to pumpkin a few months later and last week i opened a can of pure pumpkin to make a homemade pumpkin spice latte {side note: if you have a good recipe for a PSL please send it to me. all the ones i have tried are not good.} and i thought, hmm, i know she will eat this, but how do i get creative with it? so, here are 3 easy recipes for pumpkin based baby foods! {i wish i was one of those cool bloggers who can take fabulous photos of the food they make, but i am not. aanndd our camera is acting up so all i have is my cell phone & those photos look terrible, so use your imagination. mmmkk? thanks.} 


ok, ok, that one was really simple. but a really big hit over here!

still easy, but a bit more creative. 

 this one was a huge hit. maggie loved every single bite.

what are some of your favorite fall foods for your little ones?



  1. All this pumpkin talk has inspired me the buy a can of pumpkin on my next grocery run...for me though since I don't have a baby :)

  2. http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/beverage/diy-pumpkin-spice-latte-096277 is pretty much how I make my PSL at home, but I use stevia (and less of it) instead of sugar. :)

  3. baby enjoys a lot... Its good to be a baby.
    No worries... everything done for you.


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