on the farm

over the weekend we took miss maggie to a farm. 
it was so much fun to go somewhere and do something as
our little family of 3. 

 nick and i loved watching maggie see animals {like this pig} for the first time. 
we are blown away at how big our girl has become and that she is no longer a baby, but has pretty much reached toddlerhood. 

she is walking around pretty good these days. 
and singing and talking a lot.
it's crazy to think that last year at this time, we were still wondering what birth was going to be like, and who this little lady would look like. 

 the little farm that we went to was right on the river, so we took her down to see a river { and she totally didnt care... she just wanted to play in the water.} they had a sweet little 'secret garden' area that i would have loved to have some family pictures taken at. 

tonight, we are starting our first fall family traditon. apple cider, soup and pumpkin carving {and maybe some candy corn...} 

i am really enjoying my little family. what are some of your fall traditions?

ps. i am working on a really fun giveaway, email me if you are interested in donating something!

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