things to do in 2011

like i said in my last post, i love the new year. there is something so sweet about the year changing, about getting to start over. i love it. i never ever make new year resolutions. mostly because i either forget what they are, or i feel lame when i dont accomplish them. this year i just want to make a list of things i would love to do in 2011. if they dont get done, no big deal. if they do, then i will gleefully cross them off my list. some are serious, some are fun... and i think that is how is should be. life is way to lovely to just be serious, and way to fragile to just be fun.
to do in 2011

- laugh at my mistakes more. dont take myself to seriously. 
-finally unpack all the boxes from our move... last year. 
- read the bible in a year. tried it last year, it was an epic fail.
-memorize scripture. at least 1 new thing a month
-lose all my baby weight. and love my body even if i dont.
-pray for my husband, daily.
-pray for my daughter, daily
-refinish our dining room table
-learn to run. 
-play with, laugh, and enjoy watching my daughter grow up
- learn to sew
-do more crafts. (i need more creative outlets)
-write notes, and give gifts to others... just because
-celebrate my 2 wedding anniversary
-read a book a month. any kind of book, but just read more
-learn to take good photographs and edit them so they dont look so silly.
-grow into deeper friendships
-learn to be more of a planner
-be more frugal, and steward the money the LORD has given us in a way that glorifies him.
-paint with maggie
-finally start to decorate our home
-learn to cook. something besides chicken.
-bake my husband a strawberry rhubarb pie. ( been promising this since we were dating...)
-take a photo, and post it every wednesday. ( i want to eventually work up to a 365 day challenge. but i decide that was too much for this year... ) 
-enjoy little things. like when maggie smiles, or those days she will only sleep on my chest. 
-write down and cherish all the sweet things our baby does.
-get involved with the community
-meet and get to know other mamas. 
- not be so proud. let people into my life. even if my kitchen is a mess. show them who i really am. 
-grow in my faith and knowledge of the LORD

and one million other things. but this is a start. 
xoxo: a

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