photo of the week. 1.1

this honestly almost didnt get done today. we are sick. all 3 of us. we have had this nasty cold since Christmas day. so, this morning nick woke up late... and maggie and i drove into bellevue, picked up some food and some medicine and brought it to his work. we then went to our friends house and just relaxed on her couch for most of the day. maggie was such an angel and slept pretty much all day. which is great on one hand, but sad on the other. becuase i know she is only sleeping so much because she doesnt feel well... and when she is sleeping she is snoring and sounding so congested. it is terrible. anyways, this is the picture that almost didn't happen. the quality is not great, it was taken on my cell phone in our dark living room while nick and i sat on the couch and watched a documentary on dying. which is what we feel like we are doing. 
sick, sleepy baby.

xoxo: a

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