oh, 2012.

i dont really feel like writing a super long recap post like i have in the past. i just feel a little quiet. a few nights ago over dinner i asked nick what he thought about 2012. we talked a lot about how this year has been one of the better years we have had since being married. for sure better than 2011. we talked about how there has been a lot of growth in all 3 of our lives this year, and how Jesus has taught us the importance of relying on Him and giving Him complete control over our lives. We laughed and cried {okay, we didnt cry, but nick did get sriracha in his eye and it watered a lot.}about all the fun things we did this year, and we both agreed that we are really looking forward to 2013 and whatever God is going to do this next year. 

i didnt actually blog as much this year as i have in the past, but i feel like the things i did write about were a lot more meaty than before. instead of a 'year in review' post, i'll leave you with a list of my favorite blogposts of 2012! { there are a lot, so the ones in bold are my favorite favorites!}

i am looking forward to writing in 2013, looking forward to whatever Jesus wants me to do with this space. i hope you will continue to come along.


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  1. I am bookmarking, so I can go back and catch up on these posts!! xoxoxo!!


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