snow in seattle

it finally decided to snow in seattle this weekend. 
this was maggie's first snowfall. 
well, thats not true. 
it was the first one that she could participate in.

it started snowing at church and then we went out to lunch with some friends, as we ate the snow decided to stick and come down more and more. it was so fun. 

my sweet friend heidi snapped this sweet photo of us. its pretty much my favorite. 

  honestly, i dont really love the snow. 
unless it is sticking like crazy and piles up.
otherwise i find it annoying. 

mags loved it. 
she kept signing 'more' over and over. 
i love that little bug.
she had some fun sticking her tounge out to 'eat the snow'

daddy helped her make a little snowman & we tossed some snowballs at her. she was full of giggles and wonder. 
although, as you can see in the bottom left photo, she did not want to walk very much in the strange fluffy white stuff on the ground. when we finally did get her to walk in it she didnt want to stop and cried when we had to take her inside. 

after our snow adventure, we came inside and snuggled on the couch, ate chocolate chip cookies and built a blanket fort. 

i would say it was a pretty great first snow day for this little family. 

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  1. these are amazing pictures! I can't get over how BIG Maggie looks!
    I can't believe I'm missing the snow :(


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