twenty five before 25

here it is - my list of 25 things to do before i turn 25 at the end of this year. i am really looking forward to working on this list, and have already started some things on this list. i'll be checking in monthly with this list to let you know how i am progressing. do you have any tips for me on completing any of these items? any encouragement? 


  1. love this!! I totally want to become a lipstick person too! do you have any favorites yet?


  2. megan,
    thats one i am working on... so far i really like covergirl lipstain. do you have a favorite?

  3. I think this is a great list, Ally! I like that all of the things on your list seem do-able. Sometimes the things I think of aren't really very realistic. ;)

    Happy weekend!

    P.S. Thanks for the encouragement about my new blog design...it's now live on The Sweetest Petunia! :)


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