resting in His grace

i almost always write a really honest, serious post and then want to follow it up with something light and fun - just so this little blog is not full of all the serious stuff going on in my life, but also keeps track of the fun. but this week has been just plain hard friends. like really hard. & i cant go into lots of details as to why, but its just been a roller coaster. every time i think i have a handle on myself and my emotions {anxiety, frustration, heartbroken, some anger, fear, and fragile.} the sneak back up on me and i have to lay them all down at Jesus feet all over again. sometimes i do this 15 times in an hour.  i am an extremely sensitive person. & some have told me over the past year that i need to grow a thicker skin {and there is truth to that} but i also just know that Jesus has made me a sensitive soul. so i know that there are some people who would just tell me about the situation that i am in, "its not really that big of a deal", but to me it is. to me, what we are walking through is really taking a toll on my heart. 

{i love this photo so much.}
i know that the place that Jesus has us right now is not the place that i want to be, and i also know its not the place that he desired for us to be at either, but i know that it is the place that he has us. i know that taking this huge step of surrendering my life {all areas - big and small} to him is going to be full of big steps that are not easy or comfortable. but those steps are going to be taking us closer to becoming more and more like Jesus. i read this tweet this morning and it really has been such healing for my heart. 
i love the part about resting in grace and in the One who gave it. that is where i am at today. i am resting in grace. & every time i get all anxious about the days to come, or annoyed at some people, or angry at these circumstances i go to Jesus. i surrender those feelings to him - just pile it on him. and sit and rest in the beauty of his grace. and it has been such healing for this messed up heart.



  1. Resting in His grace is a beautiful place to be... praying for you. I'm sorry that it's a tough season right now. But you sound like you are handling it really well, seeking Jesus in the midst of the difficulty.

  2. So, your blog post here reminded me of Psalm 131. I just wrote a little blog post about it..
    Resting in Him is the best - you are so right :)


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