the post about disneyland that took me 3 days to write.

i know friends. i promised blog posts. i promised pictures. i promised stories. and i think i even promised recipes. what i didnt know was that our car was going to break down - and that being at home with a crazy toddler was going to prevent me from blogging, not to mention i have been so tired from all the emotional stuff that has gone on with me since our fun little disneyland trip. 

i'll start by saying that our trip started off really awesome, but a little bit stressful. i guess flying makes me nervous - well not really the flying part, but the getting through security part. once that was over we were having so much fun just being with each other - on our first non pregnant non baby trip since our honeymoon almost 3 years ago. 

our plane boarded and we settled into our seats, waved goodbye to the rain in seattle and headed out on our adventure. 

we have family that lives less than 30 mins away from disneyland, adn they were so super gracious to pick us up at the airport, let us stay in their room in their house, and made it possible for us to use one of their cars. it was a HUGE blessing. we woke up on sunday morning, packed our things from their house, and headed to church - it was so fun to check out mars hill orange county! i wanted to take more pictures but it was so dark in the theater that i couldnt - plus i didnt want look awkward. so this is all i got. 
its a sad little photo. i know. moving on.
we went straight from church to disneyland. and we got into a silly little argument over where to eat and when to eat. {so dumb - and so my fault} SO we ate lunch and were in way better moods when we reached the front gate. i seriously almost cried. i was so excited to be crossing this off our list, so excited to be in my favorite place ever, and so excited to be on vacation with my husband - alone, not pregnant and baby free for the first time since our honeymoon nearly 3 years ago. it was glorious. 

i love this.
beautiful, wonderful castle.
one happy lady {checking in on facebook. ha ha}

his very first time at disneyland!

this boy's hair was too incredible to not take a photo of.  am i right?

best roller coaster ever

happily ever after.

the worst part of our entire trip. {and i am not just saying that cuz my face looks awesome.} oh.my.

my favorite place.

my strong husband.

you have to kiss at disneyland - especially when its decorated for valentines day.

my favorite person, my favorite place, my favorite holiday.

take a moment to look at my husband who is making the best face ever. and not on purpose. HA HA.

what a catch, that man of mine.

SO - we ate yummy food, had such fun, laughed and then something kinda awful happened. i convinced my husband to go on splash mountain with me {even though he didnt want to go for many different reasons..} and while we were on that wonderful ride, a gallon of water came rushing into our log boat, soaking me and filling up my purse. which would not have been a problem if my brand new video camera and my cell phone would not have been in there. :( it kind of put a hold on all the fun - but we did have a good time, even though all those things happened. i have so much more to share - i have so much more to talk about, but it has taken me nearly 3 days to write this silly post, blogger would not upload my photos. so i am going to post this , and write more about our disneyland trip when i feel a little more shiny and happy. maybe tomorrow. maybe this weekend. but soon. i promise. 


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