back from vacation

hello friends! 

i am {sort of} back from vacation. it was a really great time away- even though a lot of things happened that we kinda a bummer {more on that later this week}. getting away with my husband was amazing. it was so wonderful to just hang out and not have to really think of anything but having fun together. 

and dont think that i forgot about the fact that my favorite holiday was this past week -  although it was on the day that we got home so we didnt really do much celebrating this year- except last night us ladies took nick out on a date {and it was awesome and more on that later too

this week we also learned that maggie loves smoothies - and will drink anything if its blended. so send your favorite smoothie recipes my way!

so basically, this post is just to say hello & that i will be back next week with lots of pictures, stories, and some new recipes that we have tried. and maybe a {just maybe} a DIY post. i have like 3 that i want to share, but i am really awful at taking photos soo, we will see. i am not going to promise - but i will try. 

have a lovely weekend!! 


  1. Welcome back! So glad you had a lovely time and looking forward to seeing pictures:). On another note...I love your blog header. It is so cheerful!

  2. thanks Casey! my husband made my blog header for me! hope you are WELL!


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