the flu bug 2 macewen's 1 {lets keep that way mmmkay.}

so, remember what i said about puking in my last post?
well, tuesday night the flu bug hit me. and it hit hard.

i was S I C K. 

& nick was so great to take care of me.
& he stayed up with me all night long. {best husband ever!}
then he went to work the next morning. and my mama came to take
care of me. {best mama ever} until my brother got hit with the bug. :( 

& our whole week was filled with puke, toliets, laundry, gatorade, and trying to get back on our feet. 
nick is the only one that has not been barfing his guts out. 
and i hope it stays that way because 
tomorrow we fly to disneyland!!! 
 yep. at 6:30pm i'll be soaring through the air to the happiest place on earth. {i am trying to focus on all the exciting things, and not on the fact that i wont get to snuggle my baby girl for 4 whole days!} this will be the longest we have been away from the pearl and baby free since FOREVER. okay, so since 15 months ago. but really, this will be our first non pregnant, baby free trip since our honeymoon - I AM SO EXCITED. 

so, things will be a little quiet over here next week. and i am not even going to let it bother me that i didnt do anything relating to valentines day on this blog. okay, okay, it bothers me a little since it is my favorite holiday, but i am letting go.. right now. 

i hope you all have a lovely weekend and i'll be back on wednesday with photos and stories from the happiest place on earth! 


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  1. Bummer about the flu, but I hope your trip is just magical & wonderful!! :)


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