eighteen months.

i took a break unintentional break from this blog for the past week. it felt good. 

on monday my little pearl turned a year and a half old. how is that even possible? i feel like it was just yesterday that she turned a year, and now she is closer to 2 years old than ever before. this is going by all to fast. 

dearest margaret pearl:
 how in the world have you grown up so quickly? in the last 6 months you have gone from a little baby girl to a full blown toddler. a toddler who runs, and talks, and climbs and sings. you are a complete joy. you have such a happy heart {most of the time} and you think almost everything is fun. {unless you are tired or hungry, and then you are the crankiest thing i have ever, ever seen.} Oh,little owl, we are so delighted by you. i am so thankful that Jesus saw it fit for me to be your mama, and i am looking forward {with tears in my eyes} to watching you grow & grow!!

some fun facts about maggie at 18 months:

+ she can RUN, like i have to jog to keep up with her at the park.

+ she loves to climb. she climbs on everything.

+ she talks. a lot. more than i thought she would at 18 months. she says:
mama, dada, GG {great gramma}, DD {dylan}, duck-duck, peppa pig, elmo {which is actual elmo & anything else red.} gabba gabba, please, thank you, love you, up, more, wawa {water}, milk, all done, bubble, apple, bite, no, nope, yea, yes, whoa, hoo, moo, baa, nigh nigh, bye bye, hi, knock knock, stop, baba, bebe {baby}, whats that?, owl {her favorite word}, hey, hot, brr,eyes, uh oh, boo,beep beep, meow, poop, stisti {stinky},eww, cheers, amen
and she can string some words together, like : up please, all done please, hi mama, hi dada, yes please, {etc..} 

+ she can 'sing' her abc's { basically babbles to the tune, but sometimes gets some letters right.}

+ she can count, 1,2,3

+ she sleeps 12-14 hours a night and takes 2 1-2 hour naps every day. 

+ she eats. a lot. and likes pretty much everything. 

+ the girl dances. all the time.

+ she is a better mama than i am. seriously. she is such a little mama, always mothering her dolls. feeding them, rocking them, kissing them, tucking them in. its amazingly beautiful. 

+ she knows where her belly is, her eyes, her nose, and her mouth. 

+ she can make animal sounds when asked for, cow, puppy, kitty, owl, goat/sheep, and sometimes a rooster. 

+ she can sign: more, milk, food, all done, please 

+ if you ask her for a kiss she can give one, if you ask her for a tight squeeze she will squeeze very tight.

+ she loves peppa pig, sesame street & super why 

there are many, many more things - but thats all i can think of right now. we have been so blessed by her and love her so much. Maggie is such a gem. 

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