happiest first birthday, miss margaret pearl

did the title of this catch you off guard? 
clearly i am a terrible blogger.
maggie p. turns a year and a half old on monday, and i am finally
finished gathering & editing all the photos from her first birthday party. be prepared for a photo overload. 

i adore picnics and spring and summer. 
all 3 of us were born in the winter.
so, to celebrate our lady baby turning one, we brought
the picnic indoors. our theme was, sunshine and owls - two things that remind us of our girl. our talented friend, Ben, brought his guitar and sang some songs for the kids, as well as a special version of 'you are my sunshine' for our little sunshine & led us all in a beautiful 'happy birthday' song. it was super special because Ben used to sing to maggie when she was a newborn at community group and she would instantly calm down. we thought it would be fitting for him to sing to her on her birthday. 

striped straws make everything more fun.
we decided to not do cake, but a doughnut cake instead. probably the best choice ever.
my sweet friend heidi, made this cake for maggie to smash. it was so, so yummy.
we used on of maggie's birth announcements as a center piece.
party favors.
the table
we made tons of paper chains and mixed them with streamers.
12 pictures from her first 12 months.
missy the mouse and maggie's fabric crown. {also made by my sweet friend heidi}
the joy & the mags.
my lovely friend Megan - our girls are 1 month apart.
daddy praying for his sweet girl.
Autumn, Heidi & Meg
guess who?

Ben singing to our girl
happy birthday baby girl!!
i do not know why she looks terrified.

chubby baby legs in the cutest shoes
i cant wait to embarrass her with this one later.
photo booth
the deans
the robertsons
tim, justin & craig
the knights
meg, my brother & j
read and dylan
the pilo's
stellan. {this kills me.}

chris, susanna & rosie
gabe & amari
the birthday girl in all her glory. 

did you make it through all those pictures?
if you did, you are amazing.

also, come back tomorrow.
i know i will be.


  1. For very obvious reasons, I LOVE the pictures!! I definitely need copies. It was a fun party, very well done Mama!

  2. it looks like such a fun party! i am IN LOVE with the cake.


  3. Aw, such a cute party! Happy birthday to your girl! Loved seeing the pcitures, even if they're late. ;)

  4. omg, LOVED this post! These were awesome pictures and I can't get over how much bigger Maggie already is!
    Also, the Pilos? They look like a Hollywood family... and I mean that in the "great looking, stunning couple and gorgeous kids" way :)

    Loved these - thanks for sharing!

  5. Haha Stef! Ally DID say she spent a lot of time editing photos... ;)

  6. How fun....what a lovely party. And that cake...wow--it was so pretty! :-) Love all your pictures.


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