i have been changed by Jesus.

a few months ago, i wrote about how Jesus has worked in my life as i struggled through postpartum depression. through that blog post, and some urging by the holy spirit, i was asked and able to share my journey for a blog post at our church. 
i have a deep desire to share with others the honest truth about my first year of motherhood, not for my glory at all, but for Jesus. i feel so thankful that today my journey through ppd is being shared on marshill.com  you can click on that link and check it out if you want. 

i pray that Jesus will take this ugly, dark time of my life, and use it to help me speak truth into the lives of others, and that it would bring him glory. i pray that if any woman is struggling with ppd, that she can feel comfortable to reach out and ask others for help. if my story can lead at least one other mama to seeing Jesus as her true redeemer and to freedom from this depression than it will make sharing all these personal details worth it. i have no shame, only a deep thankfulness to my savior, who loved and pursued me even as i literally pushed him out of my life. 

if you are new here and dont really know what i am talking about, go ahead and click on the links to read up on my first year of motherhood. 

praise God from whom all blessings flow.

let the redeemed of the Lord say so.
ally has been changed by Jesus

i know that there will be so much more written about this topic on this little blog. its a huge part of my life, as well as a huge passion in my heart. today i am thankful, thankful, thankful that despite all my issues with fear of man, that Jesus has so sweetly led me to share this story for all of you to read. i am blessed to be loved, and redeemed by our beautiful savior. 



  1. Amazing testimony! So proud of you for sharing. I definitely feel encouraged by seeing how Jesus used that season to strengthen you and now minister to others...all for his glory.

  2. He is so faithful! Thanks for your humility in being so open about this - I know God will use it for His glory to bless and change other women!

  3. Found you via your Mars Hill blog post. Praise God for your honest and timely post and for His redemptive grace!


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