how i met my husband. part three.

hey remember when i started this back in JULY?! well, i figure since tomorrow is our three year wedding anniversary i should probably find the time to finish this sweet story! 

if you are tuning in for the first time {which you probably are since its been ages since i last wrote about this.} you can catch up on part one and part two. 

so, last time we talked about this, i left off with him making me a picture of my dream field. that sunday, he invited me to church to watch his band play, and we spent a good chunk of the day together hanging out with his friends and me awkwardly feeling like uncomfortable around all these people who actually knew nick. before i left that day he asked me to plan our next date. & i said yes. i was scared out of my mind. 

i asked practially all of my co workers for ideas, and one of them suggested that i take nick to the art muesum. brillant! at least i thought it would be. i was terribly wrong. we got there, and almost everything in the entire place was under construction. literally, we could barely go anywhere and everything that we could look at was ugly. 
case and point. this was some crazy thing made with wadded up paper mache.
 we left that place and i thought i had ruined EVERYTHING. i picked a really lame place and had no back up plan. lucky for me there is a park near that museum so we took a walk and sat on a bench, and talked. a lot. about everything. we call this date our 'falling in love' date because thats what we did on that bench. he told me all about his life, and i told him all about mine. we layed it all on the table because neither of us wanted to date just to date. we both had been hurt, and we wanted to only continue a relationship if we thought it might get more serious. it was the best afternoon turned evening of my life. 

we walked to a Chinese restaurant {which is now an adorable cupcake place} and ate and fell more in love. 
dinner and a flower
 we spent the next 3 months getting to know each other, and falling in love. by novemeber he had decided to ask me to be his wife and the rest is history. :) 

i'm so thankful that Jesus has given me this gift of a wonderful husband, and i am looking forward to celebrating 3 years of marriage with him tomorrow!


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